We all know how hard and difficult it can be to find that hard to find used auto part or used car parts you are looking for. You start by getting horrible news from your mechanic telling you a part needs to be replaced. You call Autozone and these other retailers, and they either have to order the part, for a super expensive amount of money, or they tell you to call the dealership. The problem with doing that, is when you call a dealership, they will charge way too much of a premium to get their brand of parts. The next best thing is to try and find a junkyard, scrap yard, or salvage yard to help you locate a good quality condition part, that is OEM. The very good thing we have all found, is when you purchase an OEM genuine auto part, that is made directly from the manufacturer who designed, engineered, and produced the vehicle you are driving. Those parts are made to exact specifications, original molds, materials, and quality control.This is where it gets really tough. You go and decide to try and find it used. You spend hours and hours on the phone with all of these junkyards just to get an immediate NO or they don’t have them in stock. Frustrating right? What if I told you, that we have found an awesome way to get you connected to junkyards in your local area, and across the united states who stock the exact used auto parts you are looking for? UsedPart.us is a new kind of way to junkyard hunt. You go onto their website, complete a simple and easy to use form, that allows you to place the year, make, model, and part you are looking for. They have a system that runs an algorithm and only contacts the junkyards in their nationwide database, who will have the same similar vehicles in their yards. This way, you only speak to the junkyards who have the parts you are looking for, and you don’t have to constantly call, because these junkyards and salvage yards will call or email you! First the junkyard receives your used auto parts request form, and they will look into their inventory to see if they have those vehicles in stock. Next they will go and visually see if the part is puled, or still on the vehicle. Get a price of shipping costs, because on your form, you must provide your zip code. Then they will reach out to you and give you an immediate quote.
UsedPart.us also has very good prices on their used engines for sale as well. They make sure they only work with reputable junkyards, to insure you get a very good treatment and what you expect from a reputable dealer. All of their companies are thoroughly tested and examined before getting on their exclusive services. They also make sure all engines have been tested, ran, inspected, and have a guarantee not to leak, be damaged, or broken in anyway. They have awesome prices on their used transmissions they sell as well. Feel free to send them an email at anytime you need help, and I’m sure they will be very eager to help.